Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance protects your home and your belongings against damage or loss from events such as fire, theft, storm damage, frozen pipes, and more. It also provides liability coverage for personal injuries sustained by others on your property.

Homeowners insurance

How Are Homeowners Insurance Rates Determined?

  • The characteristics and the potential cost to replace your home and additional structures on the premises.
  • The location of your home, which includes its proximity to fire protection, as well as local statistics on burglaries, weather events, and other potential risk factors.
  • The deductible amount you choose on your policy. A higher deductible means you will pay a lower premium.
  • Ensuring that your home has proper protection, like deadbolt locks, a security system, and smoke detectors and alarms.

Combine your home and auto insurance to have the multi policy discount applied to your account.

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